google analytics, an attention phase for companies with a website

On June 23, several articles were published on And regarding the development of the legislation on the dissemination of Google Analytics data and their transfer to the United States. Issue already in place since 2020 with the invalidation of Commission Decision 2016/1250 on the adequacy of the protection afforded by the EU-US Privacy Shield regime.

cconfirmed in the investigation by the Italian Data Protection Authority during this period. Which specifies that the website managers who use Google Analytics collect users' personal data (such as the IP address) which in turn are unlawfully transferred to the United States. "Companies must consider discontinuing this tool because it is not clear whether it can be used and whether it complies with European Union legislation" - he explains Anna Cataleta, Experienced privacy attorney.

While starting to verify the compliance of the methods of use of cookies and evaluating alternative open source tools is a first invitation to companies by the Guarantor. Nyx Solutions is preparing to offer these types of open source services in the event that the current directives on the transfer of user-data outside Europe are confirmed.