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Search for a free domain, a good domain name can help increase your search engine rankings. Alternatively, and perhaps more importantly, a poor domain name choice can hurt your SEO rankings.
Over time, the relationship between domain and SEO has changed. In the past, webmasters could enter keywords into domains and rank at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). With the continuous updating of the search algorithm, Google has given more importance to the quality of content and user experience than keywords.

Why having a proprietary domain is important:
there are still companies that don't have their own domain, and probably don't have a website. Often these are companies that do not feel the need to be on the web, because perhaps they only work with local businesses, but still use an often free email address such as, and others.

Let's see what are the advantages of having a domain:

  • Have a recognizable brand on site and email
  • URLs and email addresses are entirely yours
  • Professional image of your site and email
  • You are in control of your email addresses
  • No more content restrictions

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