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Nyx Solutions is the only interlocutor for its web services. It is a constant commitment to create value for all customers. Furthermore, it offers innovative custom software applications and collaborations that satisfy the various market demands

Our support does not stop at the website design alone but we provide our customers with the domain registration, hosting solutions and dedicated servers. We present an overview of our web services:

# design and creation of websites

Develop a website it means to transform graphically ideas, online. Ststudy the masting for then organize the contents. The goal is to obtain a simple and effective way Optimal result.

Nyx Solutions supports And guide the client towards the best technical solution. Choosing from time to time the type of design that best suits the request and the best usability. The internal contribution of the designers also allows the search for detail. A feature that distinguishes Nyx's work from the competition in a now homogeneous market.

# development
web applications

Creating and programming a dedicated service, of a management software and more generally than any web application which can be accessed from your browser. Developing a web App also means the ability to connect remotely to any application to manage business processes and the back office.

We develop Web applications of any complexity but of maximum ease of use. We develop in the environment Microsoft.Net, PHP, Ajax, JQuery, Xml, Html5, Java, Css3, AngularJS

# graphics
& design

There website graphics expresses the character and uniqueness of the brand, in a space where the colors and the combination of contents are perfectly integrated. Nyx is not only limited to the design of the GUI but also to satisfy the most of theuser experience (or User Experience).

The transversality of the team also allows the complete study of thecoordinated image of a company. Logo, business cards, letterhead, leaflets, brochures, newsletters and everything that helps to increase brand awareness.

# e-commerce
b2b - b2c

Creation and management of a virtual shop through a personalized service in detail to sell products and services online (visit our portfolio). Our customer service it includes strategic consultancy and a market analysis that allows you to understand whether or not the business is suitable for online sales.

We make and let's diversify on the e-commerce platform depending on budget agreed with the customer. We guarantee a course Of training to independently manage your site. Assistance backend for each request support. Optimization and improvement of site performance.

# cms
wordpress &c.

Change is the order of the day in any business sector. Adding and making your business updates visible in real time is vital. In an increasingly competitive market, the fastest method is modify autonomously the content of your website.

We create websites, templates and components tailored to customer needs, using the CMS platforms most popular as WordPress. In this way, the company can manage integrations and new contents internally.

# seo & sem
campaign management

Among our web services, we offer activities of Digital marketing which serve to channel as many users as possible to your website. A service web optimization (SEO or Search Engine Optimization) aimed at increasing the visibility of the website. For this purpose, companies also have the possibility of carrying out advertising campaigns (SEM or Search Engine Marketing).

Who has the need to promote your business , with a minimum investment, can carve out a space in the first SERPs to have greater notoriety.

# hour packages
of assistance

Hourly assistance is one of the web services offered by Nyx Solutions and is aimed at those companies that they don't have internal resources to dedicate to additions; management and maintenance; a troubleshooting in the back-end; publication of new articles on blogs; reprocessing of images, creation of new pages and indexing reports. 

They are interventions that can be performed remotely. Employment time is calculated, which varies according to the extent of the problem and deducted from the agreed hour package.

# services

The good result of a website cannot be separated from the image quality: you need high-resolution photos capable of impressing the end user even for a few minutes. Regardless of the communication channel, present yourself with a photographic visual effective is essential for the company's image. 

Nyx provides a versatile support for those who do not have professional photos ad High Definition. It supports companies in the creation of image storytelling to show the environments and the corporate reality.

# social networks

THE social networks represent for the company a channel Of communication essential to be able to implement a winning business strategy. We create social business pages representing the corporate identity. We update the texts of the profile and, upon request, create personalized graphics. The social channels followed by the Nyx team are: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube And Instagram.

Creating an effective corporate social profile capable of transmitting the correct corporate identity to the market requires uniqueness of the contents and some Images.

experience & training

the design of a site

Front End Development
Front-end development is the visible part of a web application for the user and the elements with which it interacts.

The interface for displaying the words you are reading resides on the front-end of this site.

Backend Development
It means everything related to the construction and maintenance of the part not visible to the user of a web application: the server side and the database. In other words, everything that happens behind the words you are reading.

Full stack development
The full-stack developer has expertise in all areas of web application development, from initial concept to final deployment. The most commonly used programming languages are JQuery, Java and Angular JS

Web Design
The functions of web design can be summed up in the ability to combine the customer's needs with those of the users, choosing the most appropriate technology and style to use, arranging the graphic layouts and planning the organization of all the components. 

Web Development
The web developer or web architect covers all web development roles. It takes care of the assembly, structure and automations and is fundamental in the transfer of desktop applications to the web.

UI Development
Similar to front-end development, the User Interface development part involves the use of technologies accessible to the user but also requires attention and emphasis on the aesthetic and design part of the site (typography, iconography, drawing).

Nyx Solutions

The experience and skills of our team allow us to tackle any type of project. The mix of technique and creativity that has always been present in the group allows us to freely design, develop and digitally transfer our ideas to any device.

Over the years we have deepened our knowledge and each of us, maintaining a general vision of the web world, has specialized in a well-defined area. We dedicate our time above all to training, researching new software solutions and using them in projects.

What is important to Nyx Solutions is the final product and customer satisfaction. It also does not overlap areas of expertise between designers. Thus obtaining greater specialization and greater speed of response.

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