nomadic, it becomes a leitmotif in 2021

A definition used everywhere, when it comes to travel, fashion, architecture (an innovative example, Michele De Lucchi has designed a nomadic acoustic stage for the Stresa Festival 2021), of design, becoming a real reason recurrent of the moment (the definition of digital nomads is present in any magazine).

The same term turns into work, globetrotter, smartworking, urban nomads And remote working. It seems that the born out generated by the pandemic period, it has unleashed the desire to fully live in plein-air.


When we talk about nomadic life The term immediately comes to mind on the road accompanied by design icons on four wheels such as the Volkswagen transporter minibus (Geneva in 1950), the timeless symbol of a free lifestyle. 

An example, Mike Hudson in 2013, who quit to transform an old van, bought on ebay, in a house on four wheels. His first trip was in 2014  and only briefly, in March of this year he stopped for a restyling of his travel companion.


On the web, there is a real community Of digital nomads with the aim of spreading a philosophy of life that allows you to be nomadic when working digitally. In this case, wi-fi and computers become essential for your office to carry in your backpack.


For greeners with a spirit of adventure instead, new ones are born app (as new dreams) to find the most particular requests of lodge tent And camping village and make peace with nature in the relaxation of the best comforts.


But the latest trend of the Work in remote, and the sail-working or boat working (term used by digital nomads) in the middle of the sea perhaps on a sailboat. For Wi-Fi connection ? No problem. 

Let's start the activation of hotspots mobile capable of reaching the signal, several miles from the ports on the coast. Polarized lenses and laptop sunshade, useful for the dazzling light of the sun's rays on the sea 🙂

Digital Nomad
Photo by Uriel Mont, taken from Pexels
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