the metaverse

AND a term that we often find in newspaper articles but also in magazines of different genres. It's a digital world immersive and open, which can be accessed through virtual reality. Where you can go shopping, meet friends' avatars, actively participate in a meeting immersed in a VR environment while being distant. 


Among the giants that are working today on the construction of the metaverse are Facebook and Microsoft. Metaverse gaming was also presented in the latest fashion catwalks during Fashion Week, where designers such as Jonathan Simkhai proposed looks that could be purchased both in digital and in real versions (a duplication that will become the new normal). While the Japanese Masayuki Ino of Doublet, considers the metaverse a "place" where diversity is natural. In fact, its garments adapt to anyone regardless of gender, age and size.


Even in architecture we talk about “cyber-urban” with Liberland, the city designed by Zaha Hadid. «Visitors will be able to enter the “cyber-urban crypto incubator” via Mytaverse – a cloud-based platform that creates 3D environments – and once inside, visit buildings designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, including a town hall, plaza and exhibition centre, designed in the typical style of the studio, characterized by sinuous shapes. Schumacher designed the city using parametricism, a particular type of software used to generate architectural forms» (taken from an article “Liberland, the city in the metaverse designed by Zaha Hadid” of Domus magazine).


How McDonald's Registered New Trademarks Considering the Metaverse Trend. Another sneaker giant like Nike is also showing some enthusiasm «extending the application of its registered brands to products designed entirely for the virtual world».

CONCLUSIONS Why should we live a playful simulation of physical reality when we can actually be a part of it? Breathing sensations, smells, social relationships and physical contacts with others. And have these years of pandemic helped accelerate the replacement of reality with the truth of illusion? These are the questions that many will be asking themselves when it comes to Metaverse, especially those belonging to the boomer and X generations. Perhaps in this way we will have the possibility of catapulting ourselves into an artificial image with the blue sky dear to the surrealist Renè Magritte and that, remember the Truman Show where they will no longer exist conflicts, pollution, diversity and pandemics? Or is it “simply the future of the Internet”? We still have a lot to think about and understand.