cellular aging, techno aging


TECHNO AGING has been defined as aging caused by digital devices. 

The mobile phone and the computer are now essential tools on which we spend too many hours in front of their screens every day.
Eyes and posture are affected the most. 

The cell phone in the morning is the first thing we come into contact with: click on the alarm clock! Dependent, hyper-connected, between WhatsApp, social networks, calls, there are many who spend more time with their heads bowed over a screen, squandering precious time in their lives. We don't realize but we spend more than ten hours a day in front of a screen.

Have you ever been on public transport or in a waiting room and observed the people in that environment? They are all with a device in hand, head bowed, chin curled and light pointed in their face. 

Today we think we are attentive to many aesthetic features but the young generations do not realize that they will age faster than generations who approached technology in adulthood. "The electromagnetic waves of these devices determine the increase in the temperature of biological tissues, especially those richer in water such as the skin, favoring the appearance of wrinkles and decreasing skin elasticity", says Milena Valentini, cosmetologist and creator of the Technoage line.

Technology and wrinkles. Blue light causes damage to vision, skin and sleep quality because it reduces the production of melatonin, compromising collagen and elastin. Combined with environmental pollution, the oxygenation of our tissues worsens.

Then there is the postural issue: continuing to look down can cause sagging of the muscles of the face, chin and neck. Two of the experts' advice is to take a break every three hours or, even better, to free your mind to dedicate yourself to recreational activities and read a good book.

But you can't always completely give up the use of your smartphone! Let's try to adopt some small precautions to avoid visual discomfort and more:

  • activate night mode
  • keep the right distance from your eyes
  • drink a lot to hydrate your skin and eyes
  • not too small characters
  • adjusting the brightness of your screen, although trivial, is very useful.

And now let's escape to practice facial exercises 😉