Artificial intelligence is at the center of the media

We live in a constant relationship with technology, increasingly immersed in change thanks to its potential. It is often difficult to understand whether we are faced with a real evolution or whether we are only exploiting some of its capabilities. 

Then we use the word easily disruption to define this social transformation when technology is instead exploited to make one more efficient same thought pattern you hate logic. Instead, when robotics completely overturns work logic, improves a sector and creates new opportunities it becomes disruption

L'artificial intelligence it is an example of technology with an evolutionary approach whose impact involves various organizational processes. It will revolutionize our working and private spheres. AI will cause some professions to become obsolete and create new ones. It will replace some of man's behaviors, allowing him to free himself from repetitive tasks and be able to dedicate more time to more important ones. 

Like any new technology, if Artificial Intelligence is used with the ability to extract the best it only brings advantages. We also know that technological progress is irreversible and the human figure brings his own skills and professionalism into play. It will therefore be important, in future school education, to focus on teaching a method, open-mindedness and intellectual capacity. 

L'Artificial intelligence it will be everywhere. In many cases we already use it unconsciously. Let's think for a moment about ChatGpt: His discovery sparked interest in the hitherto underappreciated power of AI. In fact, many believe that this technology can stimulate creativity and innovation in human ingenuity. 

While it is science fiction to think that machines will take the place of man. They will certainly automate many cognitive processes of some innovation projects defined, however, by human ingenuity.