cookies, the cornerstones of the Privacy Guarantor

«1. THE cookies used must be declared. The professional firm must promptly list the cookies used or which it intends to use in the short term on its site. The periodic check. The study must verify that only the cookies that are actually necessary with respect to the purposes to be pursued are used and eliminate all other non-relevant cookies. This review could, for example, be scheduled every six months. 

2. Use of information collected. The study must identify what personal data it collects through cookies, for example, IP address or other identifiers. Data binding. Attention to the possibility that the information collected is then associated with other information available, for example, association with an identified customer. In this case, the information and consent must be updated to understand the use of information collected through cookies.

3. State times and purpose of use. The professional must specify to the user the different purposes of using cookies: monitoring of user visits, statistics on the most visited sections of the site, marketing, even personalized, enrichment of databases. There storage. It is necessary to verify the adequacy of storage times with respect to the purpose of using cookies, in compliance with the principles of privacy by design and by default.

4. Check agreements with third parties. In the case of third-party cookies, the professional must check the agreements with third parties regarding the collection and use of user data. Beware of sharing. Particular attention is needed to the type and quantity of data collected by third-party cookies, to the sharing of data with other parties, to the content of the information that the third party provides to the user on cookies and to disabling them.»

Taken from a newspaper article The sun 24 hours November 14, 2022
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