artificial intelligence, AI developments in chatbots

Newspapers online, social networks talk about it continuously but the first question that might arise is, what is artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence? And where is it applied in our daily life?

In the IT sector, theTO THE plays an important role both for the maturity acquired in the sector and for the technological development of some hardware-software systems and for the ability to analyze enormous amounts of data in a very short time.

Without imagining science fiction scenarios, in our daily routine, theArtificial intelligence It is applied in voice interaction with some tools such as smartphones, Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa and in conversations chatbots whose software is able to respond to well-formulated sentences and requests.

Google has been investing in AI research using the system for years RankBrain in search engines. A huge content database capable of interpreting inputs and searching for the pages closest to the user's intent. It is not only able to interpret the single word but long sentences directing the user towards the answer.


A chatbots, in this last period, is attracting the attention of many: Chat GPT, developed by OpenAI. Available from 3 November 2022, it is for the moment freeby creating a profile on the Open Ai site. It is nothing but an AI educated through a vast amount of texts

taken from newspaper articles, books, documents, etc. to allow for an almost human articulated conversation.

This tool can answer to questions, gather data for searches (very useful for students and for developers) bring them back directly on excel tables And converse in a human-like way. Can write of the code and long-form content. Also, the difference from other AI-based software to create chatbots is that Chat GPT he is not only prepared on multiple topics (as happens in certain e-Commerce sites) but is able to learn from user requests.

The interesting aspect would seem, is that ChatGPT, will be integrated in the next two years, in Microsoft applications as word, Outlook And Powerpoints. This means that we will be able to write a document, an email or create with a specific request, simply by chatting. Furthermore, we will be able to search for documents or interact without typing in a keyword. 


To date, however, there are two aspects that still need to be explored: the quality of the answers that are not yet perfect and the privacy issue to be defined. While in the generation of the code, the aspect to be safeguarded will be that of security. OpenAi will have to worry that ChatGPT will not be exploited by malicious people to create malware and phishing.