Environmental impact. What is the real border?

Environmental impact. What is the real boundary between digital innovation and marketing strategy?

With the energy crisis, the environmental impact and C02 emissions have become the focal points on which the technological insights are concentrated. Often questioning the impact of website design on C02 emissions. Spoiling handbook on how to design a website.

Correct but, to what extent?

According to the estimates of Global Carbon Project, The web It is one of major polluters And electricity consumers in which not only the IT giants participate (Amazon, the various social networks, Google, Apple and Microsoft) but also individuals with an incorrect behavioral method of using IT.

The influence of web design in the data transfer size could account for the 20-30%'s total energy consumption and C02 emissions. This awareness on the part of entrepreneurs is leading to the demand for new professionals and startups that focus on website optimization.

However, if we take into account the aspects that Google requires from a site, to be in the top positions ranking, professional web designers have been working on energy saving awareness for many years already. Push companies to invest in green research in web design it looks more like one marketing maneuver. And…don't worry about the environmental impact!

A high-performance site, therefore, with quick accessibility, must have an excellent User Experience with easy-to-consult contents, code efficiency, a good interface and non-impacting images. The larger a site is, the slower it is and the less indexed by Google.

From an environmental impact point of view, the greater the size of a site, the more energy will be consumed by the servers. A professional web designer today works methodically and with this awareness. As he claims Bruno Munari in the book "From what comes what“in the design methodology:

«Creativity does not mean improvisation without method. The design method is a series of necessary and aware operations, arranged in a logical order dictated by experience.»

The rules of the "design method" can help the web designer to create something that can be useful to others and to the environment.