WhatsApp privacy 2021 posted on linkedin, let's go deeper

Web Support article published on linkedin on January 13, 2021


« It is a warning that does not provide any choice to use the app. A Whatsapp spokesperson intervened guaranteeing that at the moment the chat «will not share user information with Facebook for advertising purposes.

In the meantime, however, he has asked them for their (mandatory) authorization, also to allow Business accounts to rely on Facebook's new hosting services to manage conversations within the service»

Will the network effect be maintained or will many decide to switch messaging apps? Read the article for more information courier ».


that will protect private conversations, will continue to be there. Was   specified in a press release that Whatsapp And Facebook they cannot see your private messages and listen to your phone calls. They do not keep track of the messages we send or the phone calls made. They can't see the shared location. WA groups remain private. You can download your own data.


will happen on the conversations of business profiles and there will be the possibility to upload them to a service hosting offered by facebook or third parties, using them for marketing and advertising purposes.

In other words, it may happen that by requesting information about a product from a Business profile, you will then see its advertising or relevant advertisements appear on the social network or elsewhere.


Only the non-transparent communication that has placed us in front of an obligatory choice otherwise "you are out”, is what has created the discontent of many users of the app. Yes, there are other tools like Telegram and Signal but they don't have the same business features that WhatsApp provides.

The Facebook group in this maneuver has certainly taken into account the high number of users in Italy and the nature of the app for take for sure, that few would abandon the app to switch to another.