a whatsApp business profile, why?

whatsapp business it can become useful for all those activities that need a contact direct more fast with the customer and beyond. It is an application introduced by whatsapp for SME business owners with the intention of interacting through messages with their users, informing them of news, promotions and events.

This communication channel can be integrated into your communication strategy by formalizing the company profile in the messaging with your logo, company name, address, email, opening/closing hours and website; you can set up automatic welcome and absence messages and automatic responses to frequently made requests. But let's briefly understand what the advantages of using this tool could be:

  • it's a free app;
  • it has the desktop version that you can use comfortably from your computer;
  • WA is used by millions and millions of users;
  • quick answer;
  • it has no advertisements;
  • direct relationship with the customer;
  • fast support assistance;
  • creates loyalty and engagement with the customer;
  • creation of a FAQ for frequently asked questions;
  • remember the reservations made;
  • you can use your landline number;
  • communication of special offers, discounts and coupons, new products, narration, events and meetings;
  • show a preview of a new project or service you are creating for one of your customers;
  • always available anywhere, anytime;
  • inserting a button on your website to give the possibility to contact you through whatsApp. In this way we acquire the new contact and insert it in the list or group of new contacts.
  • personalized conversation compared to what happens on Facebook;
  • allows you to create groups for chats


Commercial activities-shops, associations that organize events, clubs, restaurants, companies that offer assistance and support, medical offices, eCommerce, architecture and design studios… It is important to understand on the basis of the objectives to be achieved if whatsapp business can be useful for your business:

  • do we want to focus on the retention of pre-existing customers so that they come back again?
  • Do we want to show that we are behind the times by using the users favorite messaging platform?
  • do we want to increase the brand reputation? The contact will remember your brand through the logo.
  • do we want to acquire new customers?
  • Do we want to better understand the interests of our consumers to give a more targeted product?

WA business is constantly evolving to give more complete answers to consumers and one of the changes that will take place in 2020 is the use of this application on an Iphone device and for the web version on Mac | Apple.


WhatsApp Business could contribute to the success of your business because it is capable of creating formal and direct communication with the customer who will quickly receive the information he needs. Having a professional profile for a small to medium sized business increases credibility and trustworthiness. The bond that will be established between the company and the customer will be a relationship of trust capable of generating positive word of mouth. The use of this tool can be an added value to your communication channel and a good reason to reflect on a new business strategy.