Is it important to have a multilingual website?

uA multilingual site is important for a business ?
The possibility of presenting your products or services in multiple languages allows you to reach a greater number of people who may be interested in your online activity. Also add a multicultural value to your site because communication becomes international by increasing the emotional involvement of users who live in other countries, not only ... also of those who live in your country and have difficulty understanding the language. Other more competitive look to take into account and which can help us decide to introduce one or more languages, is the need to obtain the best positioning on search engines as a website. One of the ranking factors in Google that affects indexing is the number of people who will visit your web pages or those who will contact you for more information. It's not enough to write the contents correctly, using targeted keywords you also need to make yourself understood by giving the user the opportunity to choose the language he knows best to interact with your company. There easy communication leads to more interactions, more visibility and consequently an increase in yours Brand Awareness.

Which languages to choose?
Careful is required analysis of Marketing or in any case having a clear target, reference markets and those on which we want to expand to understand if other languages besides English are needed.

Relying on a company specialized in translations would certainly be the best choice in terms of quality, but let's try to understand what this would entail: in terms of costs, an increase dictated by the number of pages, the number of languages and the quantity of translations requested from the agency (for a periodic need for updates on the site). In terms of times however, the wait for the translated texts and a commitment on your part to insert the contents in the back-end of WordPress or other CMS. A'alternative interesting, which certainly facilitates the points just described above, could be to rely on automatic translators. Several times we have had this request from our customers and for a solution that was fast, of quality, ready to use without having to dedicate a colleague or an external person to insert texts into web pages. In our research we became convinced that, the plugin of Weglot compared to others, it was the better solution for the quality of the translations and for the possibility of intervening in a simple way in the eventual correction of terms and words. We can also exclude entire blocks of text from translations, or exclude individual words that don't need to be translated. Once the plugin is installed you will have the site fully functional in the languages you need. If you are not convinced and prefer to test it, Weglot offers the possibility to try the translation of a single language  for free for 10 days on your website. If you use WordPress, just install the free plugin, enter the activation code provided by Weglot after registration, choose the languages and you will find your site translated. The free demo lasts for 10 days, time needed to test the quality and functionality and if it convinces you, you just need to activate the translation plan you need. Costs vary depending on the number of words on your site. Remember that these must be multiplied by the number of languages, for example if I have 1,000 words in Italian and I want to activate English, French and Chinese, I will have to choose a plan that includes at least 3,000 words. Do not worry, Weglot a count the words of your site! Your site it won't be touched at all, if the translation system is not for you, just disable the plugin and everything goes back to the way it was.

You can activate your free trial here:

Weglot was born in 2016 quickly becoming one of the most used translation plugins in the WordPress platform. You can choose between different plans whose price varies according to the number of words translated, number of languages and support from professionals.


  1. Easily integrated and adaptable to the technology of your website (for WordPress there is its very easy to use plugin);
  2. translations are available with more than 100 languages;
  3. it can be used by professionals but also by beginners;
  4. is compatible with WordPress, Shopify, Wix, JavaScript, Bigcommerce, and many others…
  5. a multilingual site allowsseo optimization on Google, thus increasing sales;
  6. Weglot is created with guidelines that follow Google's best practices allowing SEO optimization;
  7. through a simple interface it is possible to manually edit the translations; this can happen when there are words that must remain in the original version.
  8. They are also available live chat by professionals in case of assistance;
  9. is also availableApp;
  10. reduction of interactions with developers, updates and translation agencies;
  11. inserting the language button in the menu as a widget;
  12. the contents are translated on the server side allowing Google to see translated versions and index them;
  13. a URLs for each language as required by Google (for example;
  14. one is available free trial lasting 10 days to understand how it works.