the twitch generation is defining the boundaries between brands and audiences in mass media

There is constant talk of generations Z and Alpha as communities capable of influencing and changing the way brands advertise. Already from some statistics on newspapers it emerges that many young people live some communication channels on the sidelines. 

Indeed, the use that the Gen Z and Gen Alpha make social networks, it is now passive because they exploit these platforms only to look at other people's content and scroll through the feeds of well-known characters for fun. Instagram remains, at the moment, the most used social network and following TikTok. 


The starting point to reflect on is the motivation for using social media: media and entertainment. Today companies can come into contact with the new generations in a unique way. Make the relationship between brand and user active. They can take advantage of new advertising channels such as Amazon's Twitch, now defined as the TV of the twenty-first century. Twitch, is a streaming platform that broadcasts live video, specializing in video games and capable of interacting with its viewers through a microphone and a chat. Hence, the meaning of the term streamer, now considered an "influencer" linked to gaming and eSports. Wear garments that represent the brands of many companies by promoting. 

A growing trend attributable to the generational shift from broadcasting traditional to digital platforms. An event in recent days, however, has changed the numbers and performance of this channel, decreasing streaming and gaming viewings: the Sanremo Festival 2023. It has prompted young people between 25 and 34 to watch TV. This demonstrates that the commitment of Rai production is to capture the attention of Gen Z. The choice of Chiara Ferragni (the most famous influencer) as co-host of the Festival was made with the intention of bringing the listening to age groups now distant from linear communication. Also focusing attention on Rai advertising. 


So we can conclude with a consideration taken from an interview with Paul Nesbitt in an article by G. Coll, su The sun 24 hours”: «The Twitch generation is driving culture change and redefining the lines between brands and audiences. The first rule is to create interactive content.