linkedin: stories. new business approach

Linkedin is evaluating new ways of communicating through the inclusion of stories as happened for Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook even if for some it may seem a contradiction.

Which scope Can a social network created for business interact with the same means as a social network aimed at young people and/or individuals? One reason could be to streamline and lighten the impact with some users by increasing the amount of content and information within their network. A second reason, to increase your communication flow by involving your followers in a more ephemeral way.

The world of social networking it is continuous evolution and companies must know how to relate to the outside world through its tools. According to a study, around 86% of businesses consider that a presence on social media is important for achieving a good level of competitiveness.

The social network is a showcase for a agency and there are some factors that lead more and more to develop the business in this direction such as: surfing the net through multiple devices, the possibility of relating with one's own users, exchanging opinions on products, being a reference, the need to increase the 'engagement, analysis of reactions and so on…

LinkedIn it will not change its orientation in this still-testing experiment; is simply evaluating a new approach in doing business that some social networks have already adopted for business.

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