in web design: symmetry? or … asymmetry

A composition can be balanced and pleasing to the eye but not necessarily symmetrical. On a web page with various elements present, one tends to seek a balance because man is what he seeks in everyday life. 

The symmetry concept it is instinctive for mankind, matured by the fact that its own body develops in space according to an axis of symmetry where one half perfectly reflects the other. The concept of symmetry is also an expression of balance, order and perfection while asymmetry is movement, play and freedom.

In the world of web design, asymmetry (absence of specular elements within a visual composition) can still describe a visual balance. There are no guidelines that the designer follows to obtain a balanced composition but if he manages to direct the user's attention uniformly on the web page, it means that he has achieved a balance of contents.

Asymmetry it also means having greater creative freedom but it can also mean greater difficulty in arranging images and other objects related to visual perception. A visual hierarchy it can help to have a clearer reading of web content because it suggests a more appropriate way to navigate within the site: the most important topic should be seen first and be able to direct attention to what to look at next.

The study ofArchitecture or better than Masting of a site is the foundation upon which one is built Visual hierarchy. We start by classifying the contents into macro-topics which branch off from the home page into secondary pages which in turn branch out into sub-categories and then end up with products.

Once you have defined the macro-categories and the subcategories, the designer can start designing the page layout by combining text and visual content with the negative spaces. The latter are also called white spaces intended as empty areas but not necessarily white in colour. They aim to add a symmetry to the layout, "clean" the visual space and help the viewer focus on the main topics of the site.

We can summarize by stating that thegoal of a Web Designers it is to create an evenly distributed viewer interest.