moodboard 2020, evocative expression

We have almost reached the end of our holiday, satisfied that we have always lived in contact with nature and not far from home. We felt the need to rediscover our country and its roots by contributing, to a small extent, to local tourism.

We chose among the long-awaited landscapes during the lockdown period and dreamed of savoring with the arrival of the sultry heat of recent months, the Trentino valleys.

A traveling journey of eclectic inspiration after an austerity scenario. A cure-all for the mind and a breath of fresh air to get off to a great start. Today, ours color perception, what better element than communication and evocative expression mood, is cheerful and lively. For this reason that with some moodboards we would like to pass on our creative fuel to you.

perception of the color green
perception of yellow color
perception of the color pink
The images were taken from the social network Pinterest, various authors