video chat, set and framing

In how many of us, in video chat, we peek behind the silhouette of the person we are talking to? Curious to understand details of the context in which the other is? Our attention is often distracted by moving details in the back-end especially if we are dealing with well-known characters on live TV, in video chat, of whom we would like to know much more.


If we think about how many scenarios of non-verbal communication we have seen in this period of lockdown between friends, TV personalities and professional relationships. However, there are some that are very recurring such as the classic library for video calls with colleagues, the kitchen with friends and the sofa with the most famous characters. Inevitable in the latter case then, the presence of a four-legged friend on the legs or in the arms. But the real must remains theframing of theinterlocutor more reserved and shy of his "nest“: in a corner of the house where only part of the wardrobe can be seen… from these few elements we begin to imagine and make “films” about mood where does he live.


"the face" many think but instead for a good impact on the public theframing and the set they are the masters. From the installation to the lights, nothing should be left to chance! A classic white wall with understated paintings or the company logo, a neutral background or a wallpaper be that as it may, it does not distract the listener's attention. No! to indoor neon or direct light sources”to Barbara d'Urso” (just to cite an example☺) but Yes! to the effect "day light“.


Today there are many solutions that can fulfill these problems: the green screen brochure on which to project a background or roll-up displays for the background. While for the lights, it could be the selfie-ring lamp that gives a professional effect to our face. There are also standard platforms Zoom, the most used video chat at the moment, which already includes two of these functions: the choice of a personalized background and a "beauty filter“. It is a light shade applicable on our face like the one present for Instagram live broadcasts.

If, on the other hand, you are not yet very familiar with installing video chat platforms or you don't know where to start, you can use whereby. One of the strengths of this platform is ease of use. Simply email the other person a link and with a click you will start yours video call. In this way, those who are not skilled in digital technology will be relieved of embarrassment.


Try to think if the most used software for website development like WordPress,  had the possibility to integrate the functions of video chat And stream without having to install additional platforms. Equipped with an external camera we could present our business at the top. Gods would not be simplified communication channels?


After having minimized and played a bit, we want to make some useful considerations for those activities that are not explained by the few followers despite a quality product. A video chat or one live are related to theirs immediacy, to their ability to tell and of capture attention through effective shots. A business presentation it requires technologies, tools and professionalism even with a minimum budget available. We need to study the right formula! So that the brand-identity of the company can also be recognized in the methods of use of all communication technologies and platforms hon And offline.

“Choosing the best shot”
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