how to choose the name of the web domain

The domain represents theonline image of a company: the brand, the corporate communication and the SEO aspect. It is the address that the browser translates to reach your website and yours identity in the activity online.

If we want to convey credibility and professionalism we certainly have to choose a domain it's a address Of custom email. It is the clear idea of a private property controlled by its owner and by no one else.

Metaphorically while the website is your home, the domain is the street address, and the hosting is the land your home was built on.

Someone small businesses and ecommerce they neglect this aspect by leaning on free services capable of hosting their content by losing all the advantages that a personalized address can give: seriousness, professionalism, choice of any email address, flexibility, the possibility of choose a hosting which best suits your needs and the best indexing on search engines.

Using free services can expose a business to online scams that can damage its reputation.


  • check the availability of your domain name on this LINK:
  • match the domain to the site name so that visitors search for the name they remember best.
  • choose a short and easy to remember name;
  • it must be easily transmissible: try to think when you have to dictate it to a customer by telephone.
  • Possible use of keywords within the domain name for example: soda instead of coke.
  • Register the domain with as many extensions as possible .com, .net, beyond the .it to prevent your competitors from registering for you.
  • Analyze competitors, understand what the competition does;
  • avoid the use of dashes and for numbers it will be necessary to specify whether they are written in letters or not;
  • Market analysis on the possible search mode by users.

A site to have one secure connection must use a protocol HTTPS where the St really indicates secure: Take a look at your browser's address bar and you should see a padlock pictured (indicate the SSL certificate) with https:// next to it before the domain (see example shown here).

Over ecommerce Having a secure site is essential for the protection of personal data of users who visit yours online activity especially for i payments by credit card and for compilation of a contact form.

There registration of a domain it is not to be underestimated for the reasons described previously and because, there are several factors affecting theindexing, on the visibility of the website and on the reputation of the brand. Requesting the SSL certificate for securing your site is very simple today, many hosting packages provided by software agencies in fact, they also offer this type of service.