today, one Italian out of 4 buys online

We wanted to report some data from the Bocconi University of a video dated November 6 " snack news TV courier ” on the subject of online purchase, in our opinion, very interesting. 

« How users' online shopping habits have changed:

  • people shop on the web for basic necessities: food, body care, reducing interest in fashion and luxury
  • interest in fitness equipment, slow cooking and basic technological tools is growing.

The choice to purchase is made on the basis of:

  • price and brand loyalty
  • availability of goods and assistance during check out.

To work, a product must be:

  • told well
  • must have custom made services.

How do companies' sales strategies change:

  • free shipping is promoted
  • the return time of the sold products is extended
  • discount code, for low-sell categories
  • the use of virtual try-on technologies
  • the start of the use of whats App also for SMEs
  • improved management and logistics by transforming the shops into warehouses
  • social media communication Ecommerce».

These data make us think about how we need to adapt and update - even in the future - our sales methods to be competitive. We need to “believe” more, in the online communication of your product and clear the usual sales approaches. 

Today, there is a very wide range of digital tools and channels that cover any type of need and investment budget; the important thing is to have a clear understanding of the objectives to be achieved, the reference public and be committed online as offline: everything can be achieved.