02. s-connected day

S-connected Day: «Eight hours and 15 minutes. More than those spent in bed resting. It was the "use time", or rather the weekly report that the smartphone sends to all of us, that made me understand how stupid I was on the Internet every day, doing something useless, like scrolling […] oh, I say, but wouldn't it have been healthier to put on a pair of sneakers and go for a walk?» (article in the Corriere della Sera “One hundred sit-ups if I cheat on social media: this is how I punish myself and save myself” Anna Tagliacarne). 

An excerpt that fits perfectly on this day. The February 22nd it is celebrated #Sconnected Day, a proposal started directly from the headquarters of the Ministry of Health in 2018. Born from the collaboration between Consulcesi Club, a network at the forefront in the training of Italian doctors for over 20 years and the actors of the film "Disconnected” by Christian Marazziti. This film deals with digital addiction with irony: a family of techno-addicts remains isolated from the internet in a mountain chalet and despairs. 

While it is recommended to take a break from the internet, Artificial intelligence is the watchword of these weeks. “In recent days the EU Council approved a legislative text that will regulate artificial intelligence at a European level in the coming years. This regulation will pursue the objective with a strong ethical flavor, of finding a balance between the desire to fully grasp the advantages of the new innovative products represented by artificial intelligence and the need to control their use online and avoid their abuse. ” (from Sole24ore 22 February 2024). We need to start educating school children and beyond about the correct use of the digital world. Without falling into the mistake made with the internet event.

aims to make us reflect on the impact that technologies have on our health. Promoting less time spent using connected electronic devices. We need to raise awareness, especially among young people who are most at risk due to the time they spend on social media. Messages, chats, social networks, phone calls, emails represent two thirds of our day. Being connected is, yes, useful for work, for shopping, paying deadlines but when we exaggerate the disturbances increase. 

Our eyes get tired staring at the light on the screen, we have neck and back pain due to incorrect posture. Techno aging, insomnia, increases distraction and long-term inability to concentrate. But the evil that is most frightening is the loneliness that these devices create: "there is nothing that can replace human relationships!". Let us together demand a moderate and intelligent use of the internet.

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